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$2.99 - $100.00
SKU: PM100-P

J&J Clicker | Dog Training | J&J Dog Supplies

J&J Clickers area rugged and long-lasting dog training tool. Many dog training experts in positive motivational training methods utilize clickers as a secondary reinforcer. They can be used as a signal for your dog to exhibit a desired action, with a reward to follow after the click. Due to the small and convenient size of the J&J Clicker, we have several quantity options including single units, a pack of 5, a pack of 10 and a pack of 100. Comes in assorted colors.

Product Features:
  • Promote new behaviors in your dog quickly.
  • Available as a single clicker or in packs of 5, 10 or 100. 
  • Comes in assorted colors. 
Blue, White