MIM Safe Variocage Single

4x4 North America

$819.99 - $1,399.99
SKU: VC376

MIM Safe Variocage Single | Crash Tested | J&J Dog Supplies

The MIM Safe Variocage Single is the practical choice in safely transporting your hunting dog or police K9.
Keeping your companion safe is priority for 4X4 North America and J&J Dog Supplies.

  • Designed to provide protection while still leaving sufficient space for cargo and supplies in your vehicle like guns, ammo, and equipment
  • Variocage has a perfect track record of canine safety for over a decade
  • Built in key lock/paddock mounting lock - keep cargo or canine locked and loaded!
  • No modifications to vehicle required for fitting
  • Tested for front, rear & rollover accidents
  • Emergency escape hatch in the event you cannot get doors open following a crash
  • Built in crumble zone absorbs impact so heavy crate will not become a danger
  • Uses SPCT and ISO Testing & Safety Standards and ECE Government
  • Automotive Industry Crash-Test Standards - drive knowing your dog is protected
  • ONLY Crash Tested Cage Rated Using Government Safety Standards - ISO 27955 | ECE R-17 | ECE R-44
  • ONLY Cage Tested Using Safe Pet Crash Test Standards -Tested by SP Technical Research Institute Of Sweden
Product Features:
  • Slick, powder-coated steel construction - highly impact resistant
Available Sizes:
  • Small - Telescoping length 28.7" to 38.9" Width 21.85" Height 23.2"
  • Large - Telescoping length 29.9" to 40.5" Width 21.85" Height 25.5"
  • X-Large - Telescoping length 31.8" to 40.5" Width 27.5" Height 28.14"
  • MAX - Telescoping length 26.2" to 45.6" Width 27.5" Height 33.2"

For more details on measuring your car and dog for kennel dimensions, see the Car Sizing ChartDimensions Chart and Dog Sizing Chart.

Additional Accessories:

Note: Oversize shipping charge varies for each size. In the Continental U.S. oversize shipping is $25.00 for the "Small", $40.00 for the "Large", $55.00 for the "X-Large", and $60.00 for the "MAX" size. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories requires a $350.00 oversize shipping charge for ALL sizes.

MIM Safe Variocage systems are non-returnable and non-refundable; please call or email if you need more specifications prior to placing your order.