Mudbuster Paw Cleaner


SKU: DX0312

Dog Paw Cleaner | For Muddy Paws | Soft and Gentle

The Mudbuster™ Paw Cleaner provides quick and easy cleaning of your dog’s dirty or muddy paws, before they track it all over the house! It features an array of soft and gentle, yet thick silicone bristles inside an easy-to-grip tumbler. Simply add a small amount of water to the inside of the Mudbuster™ Paw Cleaner, insert your dog’s muddy paw and twist. After dabbing the paw dry, just repeat for the other three!

Available Sizes:
  • Small - up to 2” paws
  • Medium - up to 2.5” paws
  • Large - up to 3.5” paws
Product Features:
  • Made from soft yet durable silicone, making it safe for your dog’s paws.
  • Provides fast and easy paw cleaning.
  • Available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large.