FitPAWS Anti-Skid Paw Pods


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FitPAWS Anti-Skid Paw Pods | Dog Training | J&J Supplies

The newest addition to the FitPAWS line, the FitPAWS Paw Pods are balance pods for dogs. Simply place one under each of your dog's paws for advanced balance training, core strengthening and stacking training for show and performance competition. The FitPAWS Paw Pods can also be used for improving weight bearing issues for individual limbs, making this a great tool for canine rehab practitioners. The set includes 4 colorful Paw Pods (assorted colors). Instructions are also included in the box. Pump not included.

Product Features:
  • Helps enhance training for balance, core strength and stacking.
  • Can help dogs with weight bearing issues.
  • Comes in assorted colors. 
  • Includes four pods (one for each paw).