Tug Dangler

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Reward Tug Pouch | Easy Access & Deployment | Fits 12" Tugs

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Introducing the Tug Dangler. No longer are the days of carrying a tug stuffed into your chest rig, your back pocket, or a cargo pocket. No longer will you be covered in slobber or dirt and grime from carrying the tug that way. With the Tug Dangler, you have a holster, a carrier, a tactical deployment solution ... that's simple to use, easy to clean, and fits your favorite 12" two-handled tug.

Like a med dangler or ammo dangler, the Tug Dangler hangs under your plate carrier to securely hold a 12" reward tug. It's a rather simple solution for a problem we have all experienced while running a dog in full kit. Trying to grab at a tug to reward your dog quickly upon a find or good bite, can be a pain when it’s stuffed away. And even worse, putting it back in your pocket after it becomes covered in slobber, gravel, or mud, is not ideal.

Our Tug Dangler is a 13” x 9” piece of Cordura with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, making it great for slobber. It has hook VELCRO® on the back and loop on the front just like any other tactical pouch, for for a similar fit and attachment. Designed to work best with our #12 Syntek Tug, but capable of holding any 12" two-handled tug, like our #JJ12 Purple Bite Suit Tug. You simply place the tug at the bottom of the rolled out dangler, tuck the handles and roll it up into your kit, as the VELCRO® secures to itself. There are tabs on each side (left and right) that will keep the tug secure during a chase or movement in tight quarters. You can run it on the front or back of your kit to keep the tug exactly where you want it. 

When time comes to deploy your reward, you simply grab the handles and rip the tug out of the dangler. The placement of the VELCRO® is designed to disengage with a firm pull, and your tug is ready to go.

Product Features
  • Made of a 13" x 9" piece of Cordura with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish
  • Hook VELCRO® on the back and loop on the front, just like any other tactical accessory
  • Carrier for your favorite 12" two-handled tug
  • Made in the USA
Benefits For Handler
  • Tug holster and deployment solution
  • VELCRO® tabs on each side (left and right) intended to keep the tug secure
  • No more slobber or dirty pockets from carrying your tug
  • Simple to use and easy to clean
Benefits For K9
  • K9s get their reward faster
Compatible Tugs (10% off when purchased with the Tug Dangler)
Black, Gray, Coyote, Ranger Green, Black MultiCam, MultiCam
Made in USA