Signature Villalobos Slip Leash

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Exclusively for J&J Dog Supplies, the Signature Villalobos Slip Leash was developed as a special edition British-style slip leashes for Tia Maria Torres for use and sale at Villalobos Rescue Center. Each Signature Villalobos Slip Leash bears the Villalobos New Orleans logo prominently branded in the leather wrap and they are available in two signature patterns. The black & white diamond pattern represents the Villalobos trademark colors, and the Mardi Gras purple, yellow, green twist represents their strong ties to the city of New Orleans. Each leash is 1/2" diameter x 6' long, made from soft, solid-braid polypropylene rope and has an adjustable sliding leather stop.

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    Best Buy

    Posted by Auggie Dawg on May 15th 2016

    As a Retired President of N.C. San Diego Humane Society and ASPCA with some decades of leash and "emergency leash alternatives", THIS is a 6 out of 5!!! I was concerned about small dog efficiency, but, it is AWESOMELY adaptable! I bought it primary to keep in my vehicle for the Lost/Stray Dogs who like to find me (especially on the way to Work LOL)! It is BOTH strong, durable and SOFT and totally flexible for looping wary dogs! I'm sure the Black and White one looks Cool and Elegant, BUT, for ME and my Dog(s), 1) We LOVE the VillaLobos Connection and partial contribution to their GREAT Work. 2) we LOVE New Orleans, Mardis Gras , the BEAUTIFUL COLORS and Festive Spirit! And 3) MOST Dog products come in SUCH a limited palette, this is Fab because it is unique, beautiful AND well made! It IS WORTH the price - I am ordering two more soon! Green Dog Media - Woof

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    Love These!

    Posted by Valorzen on Oct 16th 2015

    I purchased two of the black and white diamond pattern slip leads for my dogs competing in Barn Hunt where they enter the ring on leash and then must run naked. I was surprised at how soft these leashes were compared to my other slip lead. They are easy on/off for the ring. I also liked that I knew exactly what color/pattern I was getting when I ordered as opposed to color varies.The leashes are 1/2 by 6' and are Made In The USA by Mendota Products, Inc.

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    Posted by CJ on Apr 24th 2015

    My lab mix is really good at slipping most harnesses and collars, especially when he gets really excited. I put this one on him and took him out on a run and he never once got out of it. It stays on perfectly with out cutting into him. I was pretty skeptical but after this i probably will never use anything else again. Finally I'll be able to take him out without any worries!

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    Great buy!

    Posted by lexi on Mar 3rd 2014

    I work with rescue dogs and needed a durable slip lead and this worked wonderful!its very durable and is great for bigger stronger dogs like labs,pit bulls,mastiffs etc!