Snappy Trainer

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Snappy Trainer | Behavioral Tool for Dogs | Harmless to Pets

Tired of trying to catch your dog in the act? The Snappy Trainer is a great tool for safely correcting a large variety of unwanted behaviors in your dog, especially when you can’t be at the scene of the crime! Using the Snappy Trainer is easy. Simply set it and place it on or around the area to be protected. When your pet misbehaves or bumps the Snappy Trainer, the large paddle lifts quickly into the air and makes a loud snapping sound. The combination of noise and quick movement startles the pet, discouraging them from repeating the behavior. And with three included in each pack, you can make sure your whole home is covered!

The Snappy Trainer is designed to startle, not harm your pets, making it ideal for puppies, cats, rabbits and even for larger dog breeds. This inexpensive and simple tool can help in discouraging your dog from numerous bad behaviors including: 

  • Jumping up on furniture or beds. 
  • Stealing food from counters, sinks or tables. 
  • Stealing shoes from the closet. 
  • Digging and other destructive behaviors! 
Benefits for Dog:
  • Harmless, uses sound and quick movement to dissuade bad behavior. 
Benefits for Owner:
  • Easy to set up.
  • Only activates when your pet is near it, so you don’t have to be everywhere at once to curb bad behavior. 
Product Features:
  • Three included in each pack.
Made in USA