Marcy Mantell & Stripe

It is hard to believe, but, last fall I competed for the 7th time at the FCI Agility World Championships in Sweden. My six prior years were 2007-2012, when I had the honor to proudly represent the USA with my Sheltie, Wave. And, this year, I was proud to represent for the first time with Stripe. Now, it would be easy to think all the years with Wave would have dulled my experience with Stripe. But, they had not, as no two years were ever alike. Each one was unique always offering different teammates, countries, judges, courses, arenas, agility competitors, good runs, bad runs, supporters, sights, landscapes, foods, weather conditions, hotels, transportation, and, so, the list goes on and on. And, of course all of them have left me with a life time of incredible memories.

But, “What makes the FCI Agility World Championships special?”. I have been asked this question more times than any other. And, I always hesitate to answer, because I a

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