Featured Paws: Mary with Ruddell & Lacy

Featured Paws: Mary with Ruddell & Lacy

Jul 30th 2021

J&J Dog Supplies: Weekly Paws Winner - Mary Stucker with Ruddell & Lacy

Mary with Ruddell & Lacy

Trainer & Handler // Rally Dogs

"Rudy and Lacy enjoy competing in Rally events, and are working toward their RACH.

They like to practice their jumping with the portable and easy to handle J&J Jump Set. Both are working toward their open title in Obedience, practicing daily, as I work with them to fine tune their skills. Usually, during our practice sessions, we use the awesome (perfectly fitted) J&J Dumbbells.

Both dogs hold multiple titles in various dog sports. And even through her cancer, Lacy loves to stay active.. She has enjoyed 2 years free of cancer now and looks to come back stronger than ever. When I got Lacy, I was told she would never amount to anything. Guess we showed them, huh? The largest ribbon in the photo belongs to Lacy."

Their Gear: "Dumbbells, Scent Articles, and the Jump Sets, because they are excellent quality for the price. J&J Dog Supplies has always provided above and beyond customer service."

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J&J Dog Supplies: Weekly Paws Winner - Mary with Ruddell & Lacy