Convertible Service Dog Leash

J&J Dog Supplies

$29.99 - $34.99

The Convertible Service Dog Leash was originally made for use by a guide-dog training center for service dogs, therapy dogs, etc. Since that time, it has become popular for both service dog and pet dog trainers as a versatile tool every dog handler should have. The multiple configurations of the Convertible Service Dog Leash makes it several leads in one. Both leashes can be worn for hands-free use and provide multiple configurations to address many different needs: place a loop over your shoulder to make a "hands-free" lead for large breeds, wear around your waist, clip to a belt loop, or clip one end to another loop to shorten the leash. Made from 5/8" Burgundy Latigo Leather with 2 bronze bolt snaps and 2 bronze rings.

The 5' long leash can be configured in three ways:

  • 4' leash with a traditional handle
  • 36" circumference loop with a 20" leash tab
  • 54" circumference loop with a snap at the end for over-the-shoulder hands-free use.

This style is very popular with service dog trainers and for specialty training uses where a shorter leash is desired.

The longer 6.5' Extended Leash has additional rings allowing more configurations and options for hands-free use. This leash can be configured in four ways:

  • 6' leash with a traditional handle
  • 60" circumference loop with a 15" leash tab
  • 48" circumference loop with a 30" leash tab
  • 74" circumference loop with a snap at the end

Many trainers use this as an over-the-shoulder leash, allowing hands-free control with adequate leash length for unrestricted movement.

Pair with our Service Dog Ultimate Harness.