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Convertible Service Dog Leash | Volume Pricing | J&J Dog Supplies

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The Convertible Service Dog Leash was originally specifically designed for a guide-dog training center. Since that time, we have received numerous convertible leash inquiries from other service dog groups working with guide-dogs, therapy dogs, etc. The versatile design of the Convertible Service Dog Leash makes it several leads in one, so you’ll find the perfect use for you and your service dog. 

The overall  length of the Convertible Service Dog Leash is 5'. You can snap into the top ring and make a 4' lead with a handle, or snap into the bottom ring and make a shorter, 30" lead. Snapping the bottom snap into the top ring makes a large loop that fits over your head and one shoulder, making a "hands-free" lead for large breeds (Goldens, Labs, Shepherds, etc.). The Convertible Service Dog Leash is made from high-quality 5/8" Burgundy Latigo Leather with 2 bronze bolt snaps and 2 bronze rings. 

For an individual unit, be sure to check out our Convertible Service Dog Leash.

Product Features:
  • Numerous Uses: This convertible leash can be used as a 5’ long lead, a 4’ long lead with a handle, a shorter 30” lead for more direct control, or a ‘hands-free,” over-the-shoulder lead for larger breeds.
  • Expertly crafted from Latigo Leather with bronze snaps and rings. 
  • Beautiful design with woven ends for a more refined look.
Bolt Snap, O-Ring
Made in USA