Nylon Adjustable Service Dog Leash with Frog Clip

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Adjustable Service Dog Leash | Hands-free | Easy Handle

This is the ultimate nylon leash for service dog work or for any other reason that you need improved functionality of a leash.

Benefits for handler:
  • Nylon material is bar-tacked down giving you ultimate adjustability whether you make a hip leash for a run, or an over the shoulder "hands-free" leash for service work or a back tied leash if you need to connect your dog to a solid surface
  • 8" rope embedded handle near the snap that makes an easy traffic leash or for pulling your dog in close
  • Hands-free option
Benefits for dog:
  • No slack for a dog to trip over
  • The swivel helps the dog move along with you rather than around you
  • Instant correction
Product Features:
  • Robust FROG clip
  • Sturdy swivel so a dog can move freely around obstacles, wheelchairs, or furniture
  • Load-rated black diamond carabiner for easy hookup
  • 7 feet long in total; 6 feet long if you wrap the end to make a standard loop
  • If you don't need the upgraded FROG clip, we also have a nylon service dog leash available with a snap bolt
Frog Clip
Black, Coyote
Made in USA