Utility Article Training Mat

J&J Dog Supplies


The Utility Article Training Mat is the next evolution of simulating ring conditions. A popular way of teaching the scent-discrimination exercise is the "tie down" method, where all articles except the correct one are tied down. In the beginning, a peg-board works best as a tie-down surface, because it provides a rigid surface for the dog to stand on. This mat is the next step towards simulating ring conditions, and is more easily transported to new training locations. The 10 strings are long enough to allow your dog to pick up the wrong article and the string gives an "automatic correction," by trying to pull the wrong article out of the dog's mouth. The Utility Article Training Mat 3' x 4' size gives you room to spread the pattern of articles and still leaves room for the dog to stand with feet on the mat. The Utility Article Training Mat is made from standard forest-green ring matting for more realistic show conditions.