Featured Paws: Kristina Frost & Nova

Featured Paws: Kristina Frost & Nova

Jul 2nd 2021

J&J Dog Supplies - Weekly Paws Winner: Kristina Frost & Nova

Kristina Frost & Nova

Trainer & Handler // Rally & Obedience

"Nova is a Jack Russel mix, meaning she is very hyperactive, but also intelligent. At an early age she started to show signs of being territorial, possessive, and protective of our home and yard. So when a baby came along it's suffice to say that Nova was a little reluctant to play companion to the newly added family member. That's when we began researching and learning about the options available to train her. We were open to the idea of obedience classes, not knowing that it would be so rewarding for Nova, and our family. 

Soon after graduating her Level 4: Advanced Skills obedience class (earlier this year), we decided to take her training a step further, and in a new direction. We knew she was loving to us, but witnessing how gentle, patient, and compassionate she can be in her new role (as furry sibling), we decided to begin training Nova to be a therapy dog. See, I'm a volunteer at a local VA, helping individuals with PTSD. They love the support of us volunteers, but for some reason, they connect with the animals even more. And that's when it dawned on me that Nova can help, too.

She's still early in her training, but it's so rewarding to watch her recognize distress, show empathy and then care. She truly is meant for this role. Helping others, as man's best friend."

Their Gear: Leather LeashesTug Toys, and your Travel gear.

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