Featured Paws: Maria Schaal & Murray

Featured Paws: Maria Schaal & Murray

Mar 26th 2021

Weekly Paws: Maria Schaal & Murray

Maria Schaal & Murray

Handler & Trainer // Obedience & Rally

"Murray is my first dog that I have trained and competed in Obedience with. Even though we had limited shows last year to compete, we were able to get his CDX title and a High GSP in Trial at our GSPCMN Winter Specialty show! Now we are training for his UD title, and will continue to compete in Open B and Rally (he has his RE title)."

Their Gear: "Murray really likes his J&J Molded Plastic Obedience Dumbbell. He prefers it over the other dumbbells we have tried. And I ordered several different sets of scent articles, some to train and practice with, and some for when we start to compete in Utility."

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