Featured Paws: Michele Kennedy & Stella

Featured Paws: Michele Kennedy & Stella

Apr 30th 2021

Michele Kennedy & Stella

Handler // Obedience Trained & Emotional Support Dog

"Having always had dogs, it was a strange feeling not having one for a few years. But, nearly 9 years ago, my husband and I decided to reach out to a breeder that we trusted from years prior.

AKC certified and based out of Sonora, CA, we went back to the Flying R Ranch, where we met the latest Labrador litter. We immediately fell in love with the runt, as she quietly engaged with us while her siblings were fought and whined for dinner.

The name Stella was more to do with my husband's liking to the beer, Stella Artois, but I like to believe she's a blessing from the constellations (Stella). As a pup, she was never the most well behaved, always clumsy and mischievous - with the look of "I don't believe I did that". Trained with the use of clickers and rewards for obedience, she has always shown a devoted love for our family (and our grandkids)."

Their Gear: "Her energy even at 8 years old is more like that of a pup, but you wouldn't know it by these pics. She loves her new rolled leather collar. And, the shorter, 3 foot training leash makes for better control on walks. I can walk her instead of her walking me."

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