Doing Your Best To Stay Clean, From Your Muddy Pup This Spring

Doing Your Best To Stay Clean, From Your Muddy Pup This Spring

Mar 15th 2023

J&J Dog Supplies - Stay Clean, From Your Muddy Pup

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year for your dog. Warmer weather and sunshine-filled days provide the perfect opportunity for outdoor training, extended walks, and visits to the local dog park. However, spring is also one of the muddiest seasons of the year. Since rain and mud puddles often prove irresistible for dogs of all ages and sizes, having a strategy for keeping your car and home clean is a must.

Preventative Tips to Keep Your Property Mess-Free

Obviously, the best way to avoid having your dog cause a wet, muddy mess around your home or vehicle is by being proactive in eliminating the need to clean up. Here are three top ways that you can ensure that the outdoors stay outside throughout the duration of the season:

  • Plan outdoor play for drier days: One of the most effective strategies for keeping your dog (and your property) mess-free is by only allowing extended outdoor play on drier days. This is especially important when planning trips to the dog park. Ensure that there are no large puddles that can be splashed in, and that the ground is almost fully dry in all spots. Another valuable tip is to take your pup to a dog park that uses wood chips instead of just bare ground. While puddles can develop anywhere after heavy rainfall, wood chips tend to dry out more quickly and provide a barrier between the mud and your dog’s paws.
  • Set up an outdoor washing station at home: Instead of relying solely on bathing your pet inside your home, set up a bathing station outside. If you own your home, consider setting down stones or faux grass to ensure that no additional mud is collected on their paws and fur. Use handy tools and equipment such as the Booster Bath Elevated Tub (which can be stored indoors and outdoors) and the Dexas MudBuster® Paw Cleaner to ensure a complete clean from head to tail. If you don’t own your own home, and cannot set up an outdoor washing station, be sure to take advantage of the outdoor dog washing stations that are available at most major dog parks.
  • Keep a stack of towels on hand in strategic locations: During the rainy months of spring, dog owners can never have enough towels on hand! Placing a stack of Terry Towels at each entry door in your home can help you quickly dry your pup if they get caught outside in the rain. Also, be sure to carry a stack of towels in your vehicle so that you always have the ability to dry your pup before they climb in.
Tips for Cleaning Dirty Dogs

All dog owners know that you’ll never avoid 100% of messes. Thankfully, with a bit of advanced preparation, cleaning your dog is made effortless with these helpful tips:

  • Enlist the help of a family member or friend: As you try to contain the mess from a wet, muddy dog, having an extra set of hands is crucial. Not only can an extra individual help with your dog’s bath, but they can also grab extra supplies, such as towels and dog shampoo, while you prevent your dog from running around.
  • Store your dog grooming items in a central location: At home, keep all of your dog grooming supplies in a centralized, convenient location for easy access, near the back door for instance.
  • Pack an on-the-go cleaning kit: Messes can happen anywhere. To help you clean up on vacation, while camping, or after a dog park visit, pack an on-the-go cleaning kit with everything you need.
A Dog Groomer's List of Must Haves

Want to know what you should always have on hand for cleaning your dog? Here’s our list of the top dog-friendly cleaning products for your pup:

  • Dry-Tec Shammy: Super absorbent and fast-drying, the Dry-Tec Shammy works harder than any towel available. Measuring 20" x 27", one shammy is perfect for drying dogs of all sizes after swimming, bath time, and beyond.
  • Ray Allen Dry Shampoo: Ideal for use in your everyday dog grooming routine, Ray Allen Dry Shampoo ensures that your pup stays clean and fresh-smelling at all times. Sold as part of a dog grooming trio, the kit also includes a gentle ear cleaner and a hot spot anti-itch spray.
  • 256 Disinfectant: After cleaning your dog in your bathtub, or in a designated cleaning area, clean up of all surfaces is critical. For all of your dog-friendly cleaning needs, the 256 Disinfectant is excellent. It disinfects and deodorizes, eliminates viruses, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.
  • De-shedding tools: Keeping your dog’s coat fresh and clean starts with proper de-shedding tools. Tools like the Safari Shed Magic gently remove loose hair and eliminate mats and tangles, keeping your dog’s coat looking its best.
  • Nail trimmers/clippers: Nail clippers are also important for keeping your pup’s nails at a comfortable length. In addition to being more comfortable for your dog, short nails reduce the risk of getting scratched or tearing up your furniture.
  • Grooming Kit Bag: Made with durable Cordura Nylon, our Grooming Kit Bag provides spacious, on-the-go storage for dog-related essentials, such as shampoo and first-aid items. Perfect to hold those grooming tools in your vehicle.
Dog Grooming is Essential for Your Dog’s Health

Year-round, regular dog grooming is an essential part of keeping your pup happy and healthy. Utilizing these, as well as the many other dog grooming supplies that we carry, can help your dog feel clean and fresh, no matter the season.