Featured Paws: Laurie Williams & William

Featured Paws: Laurie Williams & William

Feb 5th 2021

William The Dalmatian - Running Through A Competition Tunnel

Laurie Williams & William



"This is my best friend and partner William. He just turned 13 this year but he still has lots of life left in him. Through the years he's been the absolute best partner and teammate. We participated in a variety of dog sports and accumulated many titles in multiple different venues including his breed championship, obedience, rally, barn hunt and even Dalmatian Club of America coach titles! But his best title of all is "best dog ever!" So now, he gets to relax and just walk in the park and smell the roses!"

Their Gear: "During his competition days we always ordered our dumbbells and scent articles from J&J. Also leather leashes, collars, dumbbell holders, and used your Practijump portable obedience set to practice. Also ordered your rally sign set."

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