Featured Paws: Sherrie Biernacki & Turner & Nicki

Featured Paws: Sherrie Biernacki & Turner & Nicki

Feb 19th 2021

J&J Dog Supplies - Weekly Paws Winner: Sherrie Biernacki

Sherrie Biernacki & Turner & Nicki

Trainer & Handler // Rally & Scent Work


"Rally is my first love, having earned Master and RAE titles on both my Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Turner and Nicki. With pandemic regulations, our opportunities to train and compete were mostly shut down. So J&J Dog Supplies became our go-to place to buy Rally signs and sign holders to continue practicing in our backyard. I also started training my dogs in the more socially-distant scent work, and J&J Dog Supplies was the only place I found that carried a complete scent work kit. Funny story behind that: the kit was mailed from high-altitude Colorado Springs to my home on the East Coast. When the kit arrived, I couldn’t open it because the high altitude air in the sealed box held it tightly closed. I contacted a representative at J&J, and she did a great job of explaining the physics to me. She said to force it open, and if the box were damaged, they would replace the empty box at no cost. A screwdriver in the crack between the top and bottom of the box took care of the problem, and the box opened with a hiss of rushing air and no damage. Turner is now competing in Scent Work Novice. And I hope Nicki goes back to Rally soon. Having our own signs helps keep her in practice."

Their Gear: "Rally signs - complete Rally ring kit. Good quality scent work box - the only source I could find for all the supplies I needed in one place. I have also bought a dog harness from J&J for scent work."

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