Keeping Your Dog Happy During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Keeping Your Dog Happy During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Mar 26th 2020

You may be unhappy that you’re stuck in the Coronavirus quarantine, but we guarantee your K9 is overjoyed that you’re spending so much time at home. Break up the monotony of the next few weeks with these fun activities to get moving, fight boredom, and strengthen the bond between you and your canine companion.

Agility and Rally:

Whether you’re an agility competitor or just want to make use of your big backyard, our Competition Agility Single and Panel Jumps or agility tunnels are great for a makeshift obstacle course.

Check out our Training DVDs and Books on how to teach your dog to jump hurdles, build upon their agility skills, and more.

The Magmar Agility Weave Poles come with grass stakes, so you can set them up on almost any uneven surface, from your backyard to the park. These poles are able to be reconfigured to a wider weave pattern for beginners, or into a straight line for the pros.

And, if you’re looking to set up a more simple walk-through course or want to keep your rally skills sharp, set the course with our 12” Heavyweight Cones.

Another obvious option is to simply take your dog for a lot of walks!


Dumbbells are a fun way to hone your dog’s retrieving skills. Great for training, sport work or for the trail, dumbbells are a great reward for obedience training. Specially created for maximum visibility and grip, they put a new spin on “fetch” or are AKC-sanctioned for those competing in Schutzhund or Obedience.

Stop your dog from bouncing off the walls cooped up inside by teaching him to jump. Our 4’ High and Broad Jumps will give your dog a satisfying workout so he’s not begging for his 5th quarantine walk of the day.

Be sure to check out J&J’s full selection of treats to motivate and reward your dog after a long day of fun, or hide them around the house for some makeshift nosework.

Lastly, consider taking a safe road trip with your furry friend, a long walk or pamper them with some luxury dog products.

Stay healthy, be safe, and remember, life is better with a dog!