Dog Obedience Dumbbells

J&J Dog is your source for dog obedience dumbbells!
How can training with obedience dumbbells help improve my dog’s performance?
Obedience dumbbells teach your dog precise commands for listening, retrieving, and “holding” the dumbbell. Working with your dog in Obedience trials, Schutzhund competitions or other areas where dumbbells are used will strengthen the way you give commands to and reward your dog, will hone his skills for a proper bite and retrieval, and is a fun way to exercise your dog physically and work his brain as he finds and brings the dumbbell back to you. It can even teach him to be less “mouthy” and help him discern what to pick up and will advance him to more intense problem-solving.
What types of dog obedience dumbbells do you carry?
J&J Dog offers dog obedience equipment for recreational use or AKC-approved competition, including regulation dumbbells. The AKC Regulations state that the dumbbell- which must be approved by the judge- will be made of one or more solid pieces of wood or non-wooden material similar in size, shape, and weight to a wooden dumbbell. We carry unfinished, coated with a clear finish, and plastic dumbbells in a variety of colors.
Why Buy From J&J Dog?
J&J Dog proudly sponsors, endorses, or manufactures equipment used in AKC and other official K9 competitions. From Preferred Utility to Novice to Obedience Trial Champions, our dumbbells are high quality and will last through countless practice runs and trials alike. Here is an overview of our best dog obedience dumbbells:

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dog holding obedience dumbbell

A Top Reviewer Says:

“The molded dumbbells are good quality, made to last and last! They are available in a limited range of sizes but are a good dumbbell for a fair price.”

Product Features:

With our J&J Molded Plastic Dumbbells, you won’t encounter any more brokenwooden dumbbells for the rest of your life!

Legal for use in all A.K.C. and U.K.C.-sanctioned matches and trials, these bright dumbbells are nearly identical to wooden competition dumbbells in size and shape, but they do weigh slightly more.

A slight texture is molded into the surface of the bit, giving your dog a better grip. (Though these are made from a non-toxic plastic, they are not designed to be a "chew toy" and should not be left with an unattended dog.)

A Top Reviewer Says:

“I've used these dumbbells for years and love them. I prefer wood due to less bouncing. For a properly trained dog they are wonderful. I use them with my border collies, shelties, a lab, even my bitework-trained malinois and Dutch Shepherds. Love this product!”

Product Features:

These regular Hardwood Dumbbells are hand-crafted from fine, kiln-dried hardwoods.

They have tapered ends, giving your dog that all-important visibility during the retrieve over the high jump.

The Regular Hardwood Dumbbells are made using three pieces, which are assembled under pressure, using a waterproof glue.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“I'm thrilled with what I got. Nice hardwood dumbbell. Thank you!”

Product Features:

One of the most fun and interesting events in Schutzhund is the dumbbell retrieve.

Our Schutzhund Wood Dumbbells are hand-made from hard maple, and are sold individually or in a full set of 3.

They meet all Schutzhund trial standards and regulations with Schutzhund 1 weighing 650g, Schutzhund 2 weighing 1000g and Schutzhund 3 weighing 2000g.

Great for training, sport work or for the trail, these are the Schutzhund dumbbells you need for your working dog.

Product Features:

KONG™'s products are made from pet-safe and durable rubber that gives an erratic bounce to keep your dog engaged all day long.

The KONG™ Foam Training Dummies are highly visible foam dummies, excellent for tossing and retrieving. The KONG™ Foam Training Dummies teach dogs to use a soft mouth carry, so they serve as a durable and fun way to prepare your dog for using real obedience dumbbells.

Comes in two sizes:
Large - 10.75" L X 2" W
X-Large - 10.75" L X 3" W

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Very convenient and easy to use.”

Product Features:

Our Training Dumbbell Carrying Strap is a handy addition to any training kit. It keeps your dumbbell handy during training sessions, and helps prevent your dumbbell from "walking off" at a show or match.

Convenient bolt snap attaches this Training Dumbbell Carrying Strap to your belt loop instantly.

Burgundy leather tab unsnaps to release dumbbell.

Holds any size dumbbell up to 1 3/4" diameter bit.

Overall length including snap is approximately 9".

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Bag will be very handy for transporting not only articles but other items to training and shows. Appears as though it is well made and will last for many years.”

Product Features:

This is the most popular choice for transporting dumbbells, treats, and other training necessities. 

Made from durable cordura nylon, with mesh sides for optimal airflow.

A solid, nylon end compartment allows for extra storage, separate from your main equipment.