Clip and Go Agility Equipment

J&J Dog Supplies is your source for Clip and Go Dog agility equipment!
Why buy Clip and Go Agility Equipment?
Clip and Go agility equipment is foolproof to assemble and weather resistant. You can set it up and take it down in minutes and use it indoors or out. This type of equipment is beloved by avid dog agility competitors and novice dog trainers alike. The easy-to-use, snap-together design allows a quick set-up, the snap-together design requires no glue, no cutting, and no special tools.
What types of Clip and Go agility equipment do you carry?
We carry Clip and Go wing jumps to support the equipment while dogs are flying past, jump cups to quickly adjust the height of your equipment, pedestals for bracing equipment in the ring or on uneven terrain, and portable jumps for skills practice, all weighing less than 20 lbs. And made from durable PCV.
Why J&J Dog?
J&J Dog proudly sponsors, endorses, or manufactures equipment used in AKC and other official K9 competitions. Dogs that have titled in all categories of competition have practiced and improved using Clip and Go equipment. Here is an overview of our Clip and Go agility selection:

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2 dogs sitting by Clip and Go jump

A Top Reviewer Says:

“My dogs and I are totally loving our 2 "Clip and Go Safety First Wing Jumps"! I bought 1, just to see how it was. I had to go back and get a 2nd! They are very sturdy and secure even outside on grass. They are light and portable when I want to rearrange the course, or put it away. Best money I ever spent on Agility Equipment!”

Product Features:

The Clip and Go Agility Safety First Wing Jump is designed to flex and absorb the impact if your dog hits a wing while jumping.
The base and feet of the wing are designed to be resistant to wind.

Each base has two primary feet plus an extra pair of smaller feet for added stability while still giving your dog room to wrap the jump.

Each wing weighs only 3 lbs. 7 oz., which contributes greatly to the safety of the jump. If your dog hits a wing, the weight of the jump plays a large part in the potential hazard to the dog.
Less weight equals a safer jump.

Each wing measures 17" wide x 36.5" tall.

All materials are UV-stabilized for outdoor use.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Good stability, I staked them through the holes at the ends of the bases as my ground is not level. Works great.”

Product Features:

These Pedestal Jump Bases eliminate the need to cut and glue PVC when building your own jumps.
With their friction-fit upright holes and snap together design, make assembly easy and tool free. Combine them with your choice of Clip and Go jump cup strips, available in many colors and styles, to create your own custom-colored jumps.

Bases measure over 14 inches across and are available for both 1" and 1 ¼" PVC pipe.

Made of UV stable polypropylene in your choice of Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow or Hot Pink.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“These jumps are sturdy and SO easy to use. Love that they are so portable and easy set up & take down. I can use them anywhere!! Being a senior citizen who struggles with so much dog-related equipment, these Jumps are a Godsend!!!”

Product Features:

Tired of it taking more time to set your jumps up than you do training? Do you like to train in lots of places? Introducing the Ready Jump Portable Competition Kit by Clip and Go Agility!

Ready Jumps are portable, competition quality 4-foot wide jumps.

Each jump weighs only 5.5 pounds and fold down to 6 x 7 x 52 inches.

Made of furniture grade PVC pipes 1 inch in diameter and UV stabilized polypropylene, with jump heights every 2 inches from 4 to 26.

The Ready Jump features a unique hinging "tee" making it easy to set up, in as quick as 15 seconds, and folds down easy too. Even the cross bar snaps on when folded.

Now you can easily take your training on the road.

Product Features:

These flat back single jump cups are made for placement on double or triple jumps. Drill a hole at the correct height (example 24 inch), use the pin on the back of the cup, place it in the drilled hole and then screw into place.

The quickest, most painless way to adjust height on your competition jumps!