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How can training with agility tunnels help improve my dog’s performance?
The tunnel can be one of the most challenging agility obstacles for your dog to learn to navigate. The closed space, rustling vinyl, and shifting nature of some tunnels can take a brave dog to overcome. Teaching a dog to smoothly move through enhances the bond of trust between your dog and yourself, is great for patience and recall, and gets your dog to move his or her body in ways that require them to be adroit and work several muscle groups. Running through the tunnel can be an entirely rewarding experience!
What types of agility tunnels do you carry?
J&J Dog carries AKC-approved tunnels, both open and closed, with sleeves of various lengths and expansions, and tunnel accessories to make set up and training easier for handlers, indoors or out with anchoring sandbags, stands, and tunnel leashes for transport.
Why Buy From J&J Dog?
J&J Dog proudly sponsors, endorses, or manufactures equipment used in AKC and other official K9 competitions. From Novice, to Masters, to Excellent titles, our tunnels help make fearless agility champions. Here is an overview of our best dog agility tunnels and accessories for competition and training:

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A Top Reviewer Says:

“For the price, these tunnel bags are great. I've used them for a couple years outside and are still going strong.”

Product Features:

J&J Professional Quality Agility Sandbags are ideal for competition use or training.

The new professional-quality tunnel sandbags are made from heavy-duty PVC-coated nylon and are available in yellow, black, red, or blue.
Anchor your equipment in style!

And with our Volume Pricing you can receive 6 pairs of sandbags at a discounted price.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“The tunnel is a great addition to small yard training. It is well constructed.”

Product Features:

Our Open Agility Training Tunnel is a lighter weight training tunnel recommended for competition use with smaller groups or backyard training.

Easy to set up and navigate through.

The agility training tunnel has a diameter of 24" and a 6" pitch.

The open tunnel features a welded construction and is made from 14 oz. mildew-resistant, UV-stabilized vinyl material.

Tunnels are available in two lengths, 15', weighing 32 lbs. and 20', weighing 38 lbs.

Product Features:

Our Competition Agility Closed Tunnel starts with a heavy duty, blue plastic flat bottom barrel that can be staked to the ground when used outdoors.

The exit of the barrel has a retaining lip and the nylon sleeve is held in place with a strap.

Inside is finished with a non-slip surface to provide optimum traction.

The closed tunnel is approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Advanced agility buffs (canine and human alike) will love this tunnel!

The tunnel comes with a 6' sleeve (6' is required for AKC trials) but nylon sleeves are also available in 8', 10' and 12' lengths.

Product Features:

Heavy Duty Competition Open Agility Tunnels have a 4" pitch with a wider 26" opening.

It is a welded construction with sewn ends.

The tunnel is made from a mildew- resistant, UV-stabilized 18oz. vinyl material to withstand heavy use and provide trouble-free service.

Use outdoors or indoors. Won’t get torn up or worn down with use.

Easy to clean.

Available in two lengths, 15' and 20'.

Product Features:

Tunnel Leash is great to use when you need to compact your tunnel and tunnel bags for easy transportation.

Use when packing up after an outdoor training session, or to secure your tunnels in between competitions.

Thick-stitched nylon webbing ensures the leash won’t unwind or break.

This leash will fit the diameter of a 24" tunnel.

Product Features:

The Magmar Tunnel Zipper bags are perfect at keeping agility tunnels in place while training or during competition.
Quick and easy to set up. 

The rubber gripping gives you an extra secure hold so that the tunnel doesn’t slide or shift during training or competition.

The Magmar Tunnel Zipper bags measure 10” x 14” and are constructed from 19oz PVC.

Product Features:

The Competition Agility Closed Tunnel Sleeve is the perfect accessory for the Competition Agility Closed Tunnel. Made of high quality nylon, these sleeves are designed to be used on our flat bottom closed agility tunnel, along with any tunnel with a raised attachment lip. And with multiple colors and sizes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tunnel sleeve for you and your dog!

Available Colors: Red, Yellow.
Available Sizes: 6, 8, 10 and 12 foot lengths.