Dog Obedience Jumps

How do dog obedience jumps help my dog train for competition?
Obedience competition jumps are a great way to increase your dog’s overall health and readiness that will gear him up for any competitive K9 sport or improve his quality of life. Being able to clear a jump with precision can increase your dog's coordination and endurance, and you and your dog will have an improved training relationship.
What types of obedience jumps do you carry?
We carry AKC regulation jumps of all heights, broad and high jump, and practice sets that are more economical and easier to set up. We have painted wooden jumps, vinyl, and plastic variations depending on your needs or the specifications of your kennel club or qualifying organization.
Why Buy From J&J Dog?
J&J Dog proudly sponsors, endorses, or manufactures equipment used in AKC and other official obedience competitions. All of our jumps are rigorously tested and are top quality.

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A Top Reviewer Says:

“Easy to assemble, light weight and easy to transport. Good quality set of jumps for the price.”

Product Features:

4' Practijump Lightweight Vinyl Jump Set is a popular set with trainers across the country.

The set is made with furniture grade P.V.C. tubing with vinyl boards, producing a lightweight,weather-resistant design that never needs painting.

The set is made so trainers can assemble by themselves, and also includes a nylon carrying bag (assorted colors).
Weighs 36 lbs.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“This is a new jump that isn't too heavy and is easy to move around.”

Product Features:

Our Regulation Jumps were built to conform with A.K.C. specifications, including the 5’  jump height.

This particular jump set is painted to retain a professional look.

Perfect for hardcore obedience competitors.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Perfect jump to practice with. It’s a cheap set but works great for backyard jumping. Love this product and would buy it again.”

Product Features:

This 4-foot-wide pedestal style dog agility jump features Clip and Go's new friction fit jump bases, requiring no cutting or gluing.

The entire jump is made of UV stable polypropylene material for years of use; so novice jumpers can knock it over without worry that it will crack or break.

Each jump includes 2 clip-on jump cups that can be adjusted to any height. The pipe is a full 1 inch furniture grade PVC (1.3 inch diameter).

The uprights measure 3 feet high, and the pedestals measure 14 inches wide. Available in Blue, Red, and Purple.

Product Features:

5' Practijump Bar Jump is made from furniture-grade P.V.C tubing.

It can be used with the 5' Practijumps Lighweight Vinyl Set as an extra bar or replacement; and its flexible and lightweight nature make it indestructible and easy to lift and go.

Product Features:

5' Practijump Broad Jump Only is made with furniture-grade P.V.C. tubing, like the Bar Jump.

This can be used with the 5' Practijumps Lightweight Vinyl Set as a replacement or extra jump, and is regulation width and easy to set so your dog can get flying!

Product Features:

This is a perfect ready-to-use training jump that can be taken on walks, trips, and anywhere else you bring your dog.
With a treat in one hand and the Folding Jump Stick in the other, your pup will be more accurate in heeding commands in no time!

Measures 36” long, but fields to only 13” for easy storage and transport.

Constructed from durable 3/4" P.V.C., with an inner stretch cord for instant assembly.

Product Features:

Ring Ready is the perfect companion to help train your dog in obedience skills. With 335 pages of great information, the spiral bound binding makes it easy and convenient to hold while training your pup. In Ring Ready, you’ll find detailed tips on a wide variety of topics including:

-Handling and training techniques
-Proofing distraction drills
-Group drills
-Winter training ideas
-Games to further improve your relationship with your dog

335 pages, 6” x 8.5” spiral bound softcover. By Marie Sawford ©2003