Agility Weave Poles

J&J Dog Supplies is your source for Agility Dog Weave Poles!
Teach your dog one of the most challenging agility events that requires concentration, precision, and grace. 
Our selection of weave poles are sturdy, easy to assemble, and are used by the top competing handlers in the country!

Here is an overview of our best agility dog weave poles and accessories:

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Solid product. I really like that they can be used as a set of 6 poles or broken down for 2x2 training. I swapped out the bolts that came with the set for ones slightly longer and added a nut on the bottom for a more positive connection. They are heavy enough I don't have to stake them down, even with my big dog.”

Product Features:

These competition weave poles meet both A.K.C. and U.K.C. Regulation and are the premier set of competition poles.

Made from a sturdy steel channel with rigid pole mounts, they are available in either continuous sets for 6, 10, or 12 poles and can be assembled in just minutes using the included hardware.

These poles break down into 2 pole sections for easy transport and can be used for 2x2 training as outlined in Susan Garrett's method of 2x2 Weave Pole Training. 

They are finished with a standard non-slip, wrinkle-finish, black powder-coat paint.

Product Features:

Light in weight and on your wallet, our 24" Spacing Economy Weave Poles are made from sturdy steel channels with 3 rigid pole mounts, and can be set up quickly for backyard training or a practice run.

Each base unit is approximately 50" L x 16"W with 24" pole spacing.

The base is finished with our standard non-slip, wrinkle-finish, black, powder-coat paint and include 3 stripped PVC poles, so you can mount them in slippery conditions or even prop them on concrete.

Product Features:

Our Spiked Weave Pole Set comes with 12 PVC poles with attached stainless steel spikes that you simply push into the ground, grass, or other soft terrain, with a ground strip for easy measurement and stability.

The poly ground strip has brass grommets at 24" intervals, allowing you to push the spiked poles through the grommets to ensure correct spacing and a straight line of poles.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“I am really happy with the weave poles. They are so easy to set up and then move if necessary. I like having the bag to store them in when I need to.”

Product Features:

Designed by an agility trainer, these weave poles are constructed from highly rated PVA. A set of 6 weave poles comes with a handy zippered carrying case.

Each set comes with grass stakes for use outdoors on uneven surfaces.

Dogs of all abilities can benefit from the agility weave poles, can be positioned for beginners in an offset pattern or straight line for more advanced dogs.

Comes with carrying bag for easy grab and go or storage.

Product Features:

Extend virtually any agility run with our connector component.

Attach together any two J&J Dog Supplies weave poles to create a longer course for your dog and prolong the fun. 

Includes a black metal plate, screws and accompanying hardware.

Product Features:

With our Weave Pole Training DVD, you’ll learn how to teach your dogs to weave from start to finish in just a few days--with less than 55 minutes of training time!

You will also learn how to train dogs you may be more unfamiliar with, allowing you to explore all of the amazing possibilities in weave pole training, as well as how to problem solve the normal challenges that occur with training. 

85 minutes in length.

Product Features:

Weave Pole Training Wires are among the most popular ways to initially teach the weave pole obstacle. These training wires are made from premium steel tubing and feature a rust-resistant coating, so you won’t have to worry about them getting ruined in the rain! The Weave Pole Training Wires are a breeze to set up. Simply slide the wiring over alternating poles to form the desired weave pattern and you’ll be ready to start training! 

The Weave Pole Training Wires are sold as individual training wire, a set of 4 training wires (fits a 6 pole unit), and a set of 10 training wires (fits a 12 pole unit).