Cobra Buckle Nylon Collar

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: N96

Cobra Buckle Nylon Collar | Dog Training | J&J Dog Supplies

The Cobra Buckle Nylon Collar is a heavy-duty collar that’s perfect for K-9 training and quick release tactics. It features a finger loop handle, a 2,000lb rated 1" Cobra buckle, 4000lb rated Mil-Spec tubular webbing, making it durable yet comfortable for dogs while training. An added Velcro strip allows for a 1" wide name placard or ID card. The 9 kN rated cobra buckle provides secure fastening with the advantage of a quick release. Available in Black or Coyote.

For even more precise control over your dog during training, be sure to check out the Cobra Buckle Dog Collar with Handle.

Product Features:
  • Tough collar with a 2,000lb rated Cobra buckle and a 4,000lb rated Mil-Spec tubular webbing.
  • Constructed from nylon, strong yet comfortable for dogs.
  • Added Velcro allows for a 1” wide nameplate or ID card.
  • Conveniently and quickly clasp and release with the 9kN rated Cobra buckle.
  • Available Colors: Black, Coyote.
  • Width: 1” wide.


Black, Coyote
Metal Cobra Buckle, D-Ring
Made in USA
Velcro, Handle