Agility Competition Jumps

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How do dog agility jumps help my dog train for competition?
Agility competition jumps can improve your dog’s speed, body conditioning, and discrimination between heights, distance, and manuverability around challenges and objects, and you can apply these skills to lure coursing, dock-diving, or other K9 sports. Not only will your dog condition his or her muscles and performance, mastering jumps help your dog focus and build your training relationship.
What types of agility jumps do you carry?
From portable training jumps to competition-regulation set up, J&J Dog has everything you and your dog need to title. Wing jumps are great support for dogs training for agility so your jump set won’t fall over if your dog hits the equipment. Clip-And-Go brand makes great lightweight, plastic jump sets so you can easily transition them from training in your yard to the kennel club. And our single-panel and jump cup options make for adjustable, all encompassing training.
Why Buy From J&J Dog?
J&J Dog proudly sponsors, endorses, or manufactures equipment used in AKC and other official agility competitions, including the AKC National Agility Championship. All of our jumps are rigorously tested and are top quality products. Here is an overview of our best agility competition jumps:

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A Top Reviewer Says:

“Good price, very easy to set up, stable on uneven parts of the lawn. Two features impressed me. First, none of my six jumps moved or fell down during a thunderstorm with 70 mph winds.”

Product Features:

The Ready Jump features a unique hinging "tee" making it easy to set up, in as quick as 15 seconds, and folds down easy too. Even the cross bar snaps on when folded. Now you can easily take your training on the road.

Ready Jumps are portable, competition quality 4 foot wide jumps. 

Each jump weighs only 5.5 pounds and fold down to 6 x 7 x 52 inches. Made of furniture grade PVC pipes 1 inch in diameter and UV stabilized polypropylene, with jump heights every 2 inches from 4 to 26. 

A Top Reviewer Says:

“My dogs and I are totally loving our 2 "Clip and Go Safety First Wing Jumps"! I bought 1, just to see how it was. I had to go back and get a 2nd! They are very sturdy and secure even outside on grass. They are light and portable when I want to rearrange the course, or put it away.”

Product Features:

The Clip and Go Agility Safety First Wing Jump was designed to flex and absorb the impact if your dog hits a wing.

The easy-to-assemble snap-together design allows a quick set-up.

The base and feet of the wing are designed to be resistant to wind.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“I received the agility jump and it was very simple to put together. I do use tent stakes to hold the ends in place when using them on grass. Indoors there is no problem. They are perfect for my uses.”

Product Features:

Affordable, yet durable these jumps are ideal for the agility competitor and are made from 1 1/4” furniture grade PVC.
Single jumps feature white uprights with colored lightweight bases and plastic jump cup strips, and are available in blue, red purple, pink and yellow.

The panel jump comes with six 4’ PVC panel boards in place of jump bars.

All jumps adjust for heights from 4” - 26” in 2” increments.

Easy assembly with no tools required.

Product Features:

Let your skilled canine soar on through our mounted tire jump. Durable aluminum frame designed for easy assembly and disassembly with no tools required.  

Preset J-bolts on top for each A. K. C. height allows instant changes from one height to another.  

Each complete jump comes with the aluminum frame, an adjustable cable to set the exact jumping heights, your choice of 24" tire (break-away tire with adjustable side bungees and test scale, or Traditional tire with bungees).  

"Break-Away" tires available in 3 colors Red, Blue, or Purple, and the lightweight "Traditional" tire comes in alternating Blue and Yellow patterns.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“The 5 ft bag is large enough for a set of practijumps, plus more jumps for agility, or practice jumps. My original equipment bags which came with jumps were about 25 years old! 4 foot bag is large enough for a set of 3 practigates.”

Product Features:

Nylon Carrying Bag is currently available for the 3 foot, 4 foot or 5 foot wide single jumps.

The handle comes in assorted colors, and it is deep and durable to use for toting many types of competition equipment.

Product Features:

Looking for a creative way to change up your training drills? The Alphabet Drills is a great way to become more imaginative when setting up drills for yourself or your students. Furthermore, this book will help you to familiarize yourself with common obstacle patterns seen on agility courses. 

Each letter focuses on a specific handling skill or dog skill, all while using the minimum amount of space and jumps (at an average of 5 jumps). Alphabet Drills is designed to help familiarize yourself with each pattern and setup until each one is second nature to you. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking for rear crosses and pinwheels, or an advanced competitor looking for technical drills, Alphabet Drills has it all!

Also available in audio CD format. 

Product Features:

The Agility Competition Record Book by Clean Run will be your ultimate companion when competing. It features 8 summary pages to record a variety of different titles, with 150 form pages for recording scores from standar, games, or tournament classes. And with two forms per page (for a total of 300 runs), this is the only record book you’ll need with you! 

Additional Features:
I.D. pages for keeping all entry form info organized and ready.
Pockets for storing registration cards, jump height cards, etc.
Spiral binding for easy handling and recording.
Summary pages can record titles earned in AKC, ASCA, NADAC, UKC, and USDAA.