Photo Contest

Congratulations to the 2017 Photo Contest Winners!
First Place Winner - Photo Contest
First Prize - $100 J&J Gift Certificate

Chadwick, a Maltese, focused and determined jumping over a J&J bar jump.

Owner: Joanie C. from Scottsdale, AZ

Second Place Winner - Photo Contest
Second Prize - $50 J&J Gift Certificate

Sapphire Bryant, an Old English Sheepdog, runs the weave poles.

Owner: Stacie B. from Birmingham, AL

Third Place Winner - Photo Contest
Third Prize - $25 J&J Gift Certificate

Beers, a Black Labrador Retriever wearing a blue Biothane collar and flight helmet.

Owner: Owner: Rebecca M. from Cary, NC

Past Winners

Would you like to see winning photos and submissions from past photo contests? Visit our Photo Contest Archive at to see a gallery of images submitted for previous photo contests.

Enter Your Dog in This Year's Photo Contest!

Send us a photo of your dog using a product sold by J&J, and we just might put your dog in our next printed or online publication!

1st prize - $100 J&J gift certificate
2nd prize - $50 gift certificate
3rd prize - $25 gift certificate.

Entry deadline: Photos must be received by December 21, 2018 (with winners announced in our 2019 Catalog). Photo prints or digital files are accepted.
Send photos by mail to: J&J Photo Contest, 975 Ford Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
or send digital JPG photos to: You may also upload photos through our K9Handler Digital Uploader located at the bottom of our Gallery Page. Digital photos MUST be taken at the highest-quality setting your camera has.

We use the following criteria when judging photos:

  • PHOTO QUALITY: Is the photo in focus or blurry? Did you pay attention to lighting, color, contrast, etc?
  • VISUAL INTEREST: Is the photo creative or does it capture an interesting moment in time? Is it composed well?
  • TRAINING: Does the photo demonstrate a high level of dog training? NOTE: This is not required for photos of dogs at play.
  • PRODUCT DEPICTION: Is your dog using a J&J Dog Supplies product in a positive, appealing manner?


When submitting photos, include your name and address, your dog’s call name and breed, and the J&J product(s) used in the photos. By submitting a photo, you are giving us your permission to use your dog’s photo in our publications. Thank you!